Supporting social rural enterprise

Our solution offers 24×7 uninterrupted access to clean energy which enhances livelihoods, provide employment through access to clean energy to rural enterprises and replaces the operating diesel generators in the area.
The end consumers benefit through increased revenue, savings on expensive polluting fuels like diesel & kerosene or through cut-down of losses.

Tailors living in areas with unreliable electricity or no access to electricity do not have any option and lose out on customers as they are not able to deliver the services on time and this leads to lower incomes. With energy access from Doorastha, it has Expanded the livelihood opportunities and engaged the entrepreneurial growth of tailors by catalyzing energy efficient appliances and uninterrupted affordable clean energy. With electricity from Doorastha, he is able to meet the peak in demand due to extended work hours and uninterrupted supply helps him to increase his business.

The Flower vendor can now work late in the evening as well early morning hence the productivity increases. The increase in work time has resulted in an increase in his income which he can now spend on his children’s education.

Snacks shop uses DC LED bulbs and DC Fan enabling faster turnaround times for his customers, hence more revenue and he also thought to expand his business by hiring new people.

Arjun who runs a chole bhatore shop has been benefited immensely after adopting our solution. There has been a 15-20% increase in his income as he retains more customers due to extended hours in the evening, he uses a fan for better hygiene and has resulted in wastage reduction up to 20% and he is also able to serve early morning commuters.

Village Saloon owner uses the light and fan as a competitive tool to attract more customers, hence generating higher revenues. With access to reliable electricity, there has been an addition of Rupees 30 to 50 to his daily income thus increasing prosperity. He also money by recharging mobile phones of his customers hence generates an additional income of Rs5 to 10 per recharge.

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