Monitoring Solutions

For Off Grid, we offer our own iLUMY Metering and Monitoring solution. The solution comprising of NFC and IoT enabled Meters, Routers, Grid Controllers, Mobile application and Web based Monitoring module, will effectively monitor every single end users energy consumption, pre-load specific amounts of energy units for consumption, provide timely warning of diminishing units to enable timely pre-paid activation. The end customer develops trust and this eliminates billing disputes because he can monitor his usage 24x7 and pay for what he consumes.

In addition, the system with it’s built in alerts and systems status will warn of disruption and/or failures and auto shut only the defective lines, thus saving the grid from complete outages as it generally happens. Points of failure are indicated by the system, enabling timely and effective corrective actions to be taken by the field support staff, thus enabling higher uptimes and availability of power and resulting customer satisfaction.

Consulting Services

We will Audit your DC Grid to identify the current lacunae in the technical and financial functioning of your Micro/Mini Grid. Most often the grids have been funded by multilateral agencies with the hope of generating sustainable operations, to be able to justify further funding of new girds in new geographic areas. Being in the remote, inaccessible areas, these grids may be suffering from repeated failures, improper or under-utilization of their inherent/planned capacities, under achieving revenue targets and these could be for many localized technical, social and customary issues. We’ll happily undertake to go to these remote sites, conduct surveys and audits, including installing our iLUMY Grid monitoring system temporarily to detect and identify issues and recommend corrective measures.

Design & Engineering

Installation & Commissioning

We provide turnkey installation and commissioning of 1-10 KW DC Solar Grids, including support services post commissioning. We will procure all the components as per the customer’s requirements and install the system, commission it and also enter into multiyear support contracts so as to provide the Grid operators a hassle free operation, where he can concentrate on managing customer satisfaction and revenue collections and therefore be free to plan and develop new projects and scale up his business.

Complete Solar PV Systems

We offer to provide complete 1-10 Kw Off Grid PV systems for both ground and rooftop mounted requirements. The complete systems will include Solar arrays which will be in compliance with ……standards and…output, charge controller, battery bank, inverter, junction box, wiring, with fixed, adjustable or tilting mounting structures.

Optional Metering and Monitoring systems can be provided as per need identification.

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