Solar Power Grid Monitoring Systems

It’s almost impossible to get a true picture of what’s going on in most Micro & Mini Grids powered by Renewable Energy, installed in the remote sites and locations. How they are performing, are the capacities properly utilized, or under utilized. Whenever faults develop or energy flow is disrupted, the faults and source of defects are not only hard to locate in the first place, rectifying those faults is harder still. Are end users using the energy they are supplied and are their payments commensurate with their usage?

If you are a Grid operator and face these issues you need iLUMY Monitoring systems developed by Doorastha Analytics.

The solution comprising of Wireless and IoT enabled Meters, Routers, Grid Controllers, Mobile application and Web based Monitoring module, will effectively monitor every single end users energy consumption, pre-load specific amounts of energy units for consumption, provide timely warning of diminishing units to enable timely pre-paid activation. The end customer develops trust and this eliminates billing disputes because he can monitor his usage 24x7 and pay for what he consumes.

In addition, the system with it’s built in alerts and systems status will warn of disruption and/or failures and auto shut only the defective lines, thus saving the grid from complete outages as it generally happens. Points of failure are indicated by the system, enabling timely and effective corrective actions to be taken by the field support staff, thus enabling higher uptimes and availability of power and resulting customer satisfaction.

Solar Power Plants

Off Grid Stand-alone Solar Power Plants, providing reliable DC energy, operate independently of the electric Utility AC grid and are suitable for residential, standalone commercial establishments in urban, semi urban and village settings as a cleaner alternatives to AC power. It’s also cheaper to run compared to cost of power using diesel generators.

In semi urban & remote rural areas, shops and establishments, including primary or middle schools, healthcare centers, farmers wanting to operate solar water pumps and such other critical applications etc. where the electric grid does not reach or where quality of AC grid supply is insufficient to run any services due to lack of electricity or use any appliances, the DC power generated by Doorastha’s Standalone Solar Plants, customized to the requirements of each establishment, will come to their rescue.

Solar Micro Grids

Solar Micro Grids are best suited for remote village and rural electrification requirements. Vast number of villages and remote hamlets, rural market places have virtually no access to reliable and quality power at all. They suffer at home with no electricity to power their daily life. Rural markets are often found in darkness even during the day, receiving 3-4 hours of expensive electricity with limited capacity to use a single bulb in many cases, from diesel genset operators.

Doorastha works with rural entrepreneurs under a BOM model (Build, Operate & Maintain). We’ll design, help execute and provide long-term operational support to the VLE to set up and run the Micro Grids ranging from 1 to 10 KW capacities. The support system will include built in remote metering and monitoring solutions, along with a customized Revenue generation model for the Village Entrepreneurs, who are keen to provide these services in their small towns and villages.

These Grids will provide affordable and reliable electricity to rural markets and village homes as a better alternative to diesel generator based power which are expensive and limited in supply.

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  • iLUMY Router – name, number, specs
  • iLUMY Grid Controller – name, number, specs
  • iLUMY Mobile App – Name, version, specs
  • iLUMY Web based CMS – Name, version, specs

Product Prototypes

Doorastha has developed the prototypes of its iLUMY Metering & Monitoring Solutions for Solar Micro Grids.

Field Trials with iLUMY solution have now commenced. Our team travelled to some remote hamlets in Eastern Uttar Pradesh where the prototypes have been installed, with the help of our local partner.

Remote data collection and analysis has begun and and advance versions are now under planning and development.

In situ Installation of iLUMY Router No. 1 in progress by our Product Development Executive, at an existing Micro Grid.
iLUMY Meter installed at our local partner’s Solar Grid control centre

Illustration of iLUMY’s Remote Web monitoring application for remote Micro Grids
iLUMY DC Grid Meter. This is the first prototype and further product improvements are in progress.

iLUMY Routers No. 1 and 2 are also prototypes, and being developed further.
Monitoring of remote Routers in progress as seen on the iLUMY Web app.

In situ iLUMY Router installed at the local hamlet test site in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Doorastha’s Product Development Executive, Praveen Kr. Ray is all smiles, installing the iLUMY meters at village houses

Individual user’s iLUMY meters installed in village homes
Acquiring the data from an iLUMY meter with a wireless touch function, on iLUMY’s mobile Network Controller app

Installation in progress at night, with the villagers lending a helping hand in the dark.

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