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We have tens of years of experience in the distributed solar arena. It’s our belief that with the sun providing sharing its energy in a distributed manner on earth, we should naturally track this energy source by developing and providing for distributed solutions.

As a user segment, the rural areas in any country are under-served since resources and expertise take time to reach there. This has been the case with electrification as well. In the area of renewables, solar energy is abundantly available in the rural areas of our country. So, we want to bring technology, and leverage the same to empower the rural enterprises to fulfil this basic need through our solutions. In case you are also one of those who have similar goals, come partner with us. We could work together in several different ways –

  1. Social Impact provider – you have a desire to improve the socio economic status of a neighbourhood, and are looking at ideas to do that. You also see energy as having an essential role to play in that change.

    We could help develop the complete program that is based on making solar power micro grids as the backbone to run micro enterprises that could help increase the income of the place. We would help in setting up the infrastructure and operating it in a manner that it can sustain itself, rather than being a case of a one time charity, which leads nowhere.

  2. Micro-grid provider – if you are an existing micro-grid provider, or even if you are one of those who is ruing the investments you have made in micro-grids and its defunct, we are a god-sent opportunity. We promise that our solution when applied to the micro-grids will help in managing them much better, and making them sustainable.

    We will license our solution to you so that you could set it up, or retrofit in your grid. We will install the hardware on the system, train your people on monitoring the system and setting up smart meters for all your consumers. We will also provide you regular reports that provide you with all the information about your grids so that you know exactly what is happening and what you need to do to improve your profits.

  3. Financer – If you are a financer, either wanting to invest in a business for returns, or a donor of CSR funds where you are looking for both impact a well as sustainability, we could build own and operate the micro-grids for you.

    In this model, we will do a site survey, plan and design the micro-grid, set it up, and run it through a local entrepreneur. You will have full visibility on how your investment is being leveraged and impact its causing through reports and analytics dashboards.

Our Products

We are not makers of solar panels or batteries. We put our systems in them so that they could be monitored for fault detection, or assessing how they are performing in the way they have been connected together. In short they will do a full performance monitoring of the power network within the micro-grid. Our custom built devices would be placed at the nodal points where they could keep a watch and tell you how the overall system as well as its components are doing. Our smart meters will also do metering of the consumers usage, including a full study of the quality of power they are receiving and their usage. Needless to say, we generate a lot of data, and do an analysis of the same to guide you on steps that could be taken to improve the system performance. Since our products work together as a system, they cannot be catalogued, or sold ala carte. In exceptional cases, we provide our smart metering solution to third party, but that would be licensed along with access to our software platform to enable full leverage of the technology we have built.

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