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Solution For the Micro/Mini Grid Operator

Often the Micro/Mini Grid installers in villages and remote areas are Village level entrepreneurs (VLEs), who provide PV capacities ranging from 100 watt upwards to a couple of kWs, typically serving upto 40-50 households and/or village shops, with each installation for 3-4 hours in the evenings.

These local operators find it difficult to keep track of number of energy points that a household may have or add later on, leading to underreporting of consumption and usage. Thus they fail to appropriately bill and collect their dues leading to pile up of losses.

Additionally, with a number of such installations, currently the VLE has no mechanism to monitor faults and outages in the grids he operates.

Features of iLUMY

iLUMY solution helps to overcome the limitations faced by the grid operators by installing it’s NFC and IOT based Metering and Monitoring modules, which helps to A) identify points of failure, B) automatically cut off only the effected line for repairs, instead of having to shut off entire grid, C) Automatically monitor the consumption of each end customer and track extra unreported consumption, D) convert the system into a pre-paid system, where the end users will be warned off impending termination unless they pay and top up.

All this over a simple touch and play GSM phone interface, embedded with iLUMY Application.

Hence, the VLE/Grid operator, by using iLUMY will not only run his/her Grid more efficiently, with better uptimes but can also identify and put to use the spare capacity that they do not utilize yet. iLUMY will help generate higher assured revenues by implementing pay per use model, enabling him to create a more sustainable and scalable business.

Additionally, in the Indian village context, Grid Operator being local village residents themselves find if socially unacceptable to chase after the dues from fellow end user villagers and often write off the dues. iLUMY will help override these social considerations through its solutions.

For the End User

iLUMY will work with Grid operators to identify spare capacities in his networks to enable provision of higher number of outlets in every household he serves, provide higher capacity of energy to run more essential appliances like light bulbs and fans and maybe more. The distribution may also potentially become available 24x7 rather than being restricted to 3-4 hours only. Hence, more energy availability on demand for the end user.

Further, to keep track of the usage and limit the spending, the user can use the pre-paid model to pre-define the number of units he wishes to pay for and top up as and when she/he needs as per need. Hence, no more need to restrict consumption to the typical 1 bulb but can add points to run more bulbs and fans.

For the Donors/Agencies

Most of the Micro/Mini Grids are being funded by Non Profit Donor organizations, multilateral agencies, either for philanthropic purposes, or under the Corporate Social Responsibility mandates.

Each agencies donations/grants funds 10’s and 100’s of micro/mini grids in the remotest of areas. Do you know at any given time what the state of a grid is in. Due you have a real time MIS access relating to performance (uptime, downtime, faults, usage, consumption) and billing, collections (Planning for viability and scalability)?

iLUMY will provide a web-based solution wherein all the micro-mini grids that the agency funds, can be tracked real time, online. This helps to know that the grants have been utilized as they were meant to be, that the objectives have been met as they were projected.

Use the iLUMY platform to match the utilization reports provided by the local operators for accuracy and plug inefficiencies all the way through.

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