Doorastha Analytics calls for action and works towards in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals to promote prosperity. The two most pertinent issues that are leading to disparities across geographies are poverty and climate risk. As it is recognized that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies towards building economic growth. The Organization believes that the increase in disparity can be bridged by the inclusion of access to clean energy based productive solutions that would lead to decent work and economic growth while tackling climate change and environmental protection for all section of society in a sustainable manner. Hence, to address the global challenges the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all are UN Sustainable Development Goals. Doorastha Analytics through its affordable, sustainable clean energy solution is delivering financial savings, income generation from productive use and supporting the rural enterprise's community to thrive and prosper.

Decentralized Renewable Energy system plays a pivotal role in achieving 24*7 Electricity supply for small and medium enterprises. With affordable and reliable energy supply is one of the prerequisites of economic growth and help in alleviating poverty. With better services and an ecosystem of innovation, we thrive to provide better livelihood opportunities from access to clean energy by an increase in income through productive use.

Doorastha Approach

The approach implemented by Doorastha is “bottom-up” with a micro-level understanding of the people, their energy needs and derive implications on designing solutions, products and appropriate business model which can be deployed catering to the individual requirement. The enterprise offers training for running the solar micro-grid, its maintenance and also on recharging through mobile APP which creates job and helps to revitalize the rural economies. These initiatives support inclusive innovation solution both technological and business process oriented which have a positive socio-economic and environmental impact on the small rural enterprises. The main activities of the enterprise are to provide energy efficient technologies, capacity building, knowledge enhancement of man-force and operational practices in small and medium enterprises so that it entails consumers with an informed choice about the energy saving without diminishing the services.

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