CSR Partnership

Partner with us to enable micro-enterprises tackle energy poverty, climate change and improve livelihoods for economic development. Engage with us to fight the most pressing issues of the present era through our iLUMY Solution.

Why choose Doorastha ?

Doorastha Analytics focusses on rural enterprises for rural economic development and supports multiple aspects of the UN sustainable development goals and Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 of India’s Corporate Social Responsibility Rules. It promotes environmental sustainability through innovation & technology in access to clean energy, replaces polluting diesel generators, create local market entrepreneurs and leads to a holistic rural economic development.

Our iLumy Solution

A flexible payment model with automated monitoring solution and data to drive optimal utilization of solar assets are key for the sustainability of remote assets like solar micro-grids. All this is the heart of our iLUMY Power Network Intelligence Solution.

Energy access has a potential impact across various domains and helps to cover various Sustainable Development Goals such as decent work and economic growth, environmental protection such as protection from polluting fuels like Diesel, reducing inequalities, climate action, etc.

  • Through our innovation & technology and technical expertise, we optimize operations and revenue of your solar mini & microgrids for bringing last mile connectivity and remote monitoring of rural enterprises and empowering them through capacity-building
  • We use bottom-up approach in which the operation of micro-grid, payments, and other management is carried by Local Market Entrepreneur (LMEs) who are given training on installation, payment collection through a mobile APP and further training to create a niche market so as to maximize the sustainability of solar micro-grids

Partner with Doorastha

If you are a CSR donor, an energy provider through solar micro-grids, and want to directly benefit by reducing operational costs, optimizing the efficiency of power distribution, detecting pilferages and losses remotely, our solution is just designed for you. Through automated monitoring from generation to consumption, we promise to make your investment earn more with our system bolstered by insightful data displayed through attractive dashboards.

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