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We are trying a make a BIG Social IMPACT in this world. We desire to see a world that is less polluting, and a lesser divide between the urban and rural. Our success would be guided more by the smiles we bring to the people than the extra dollars we can earn. But, we cannot do it alone.

If you are one of those people that like our story, and are interested in being a part of it, do connect with us. We have several positions, that you can apply against. You might not get rich working with us, but will have immense learning, and the opportunity to make an impact on people’s lives. Interested?

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Impact creator / evangelist


Doorastha is looking for a young, dynamic professionals who would lead social impact through energy access programs for livelihood generation. The candidate would be required to identify opportunities, scope and create programs that would help drive the usage of solar powered electricity, as well as measure and report on the impact that this creates in the rural enterprises being served.

The ideal candidate is a role model that fires up the ambition among the rural entrepreneurs to grow, and helps them achieve their dreams. Internally, s/he is a change agent that helps drive everyone towards the satisfaction of having contributed to enhancing livelihoods.


  • dentify impact generation opportunities in the rural commercial markets of the country
  • Evolve strategies and tactical plans to drive the usage of micro-grid powered electricity for productive usage.
  • Channel CSR funds from companies investing in CSRs to accelerate the impact
  • Partner with the promoters to solicit and get investments from impact funds.
  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and social responsibility in-house policies to maintain the company’s legal standing and business ethics.
  • Build and maintain a deep understanding of the renewable energy market, value chain, the rural consumer and competition.


  • Degree in Social Welfare, with a knack for creating positive impact in the communities
  • Understanding of the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) laws, models and practices in India
  • Good marketing and presentation skills
  • Outgoing personality, should enjoy interacting with partners and customers

Software Programmer


The candidate will have to work on an existing .NET server software which includes handling of data and ledgers, communication through HTTP protocol, and front-end UI for presentation of data, and make it robust and more usable. The current system is built on SQL enterprise database, using MVC, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Java scripts. The candidate is expected to have good understanding on the above-mentioned technologies, so as to improve the quality of the existing implementation.

Further advancement would demand learning of new technologies, and environments to create a platform that integrates data from multiple sources, with capability for advanced analytics.

Technical Requirements

  • Expert at .NET and knowledge of Python programming
  • Intermediate level proficiency of managing SQL/MySQL databases
  • http communication with web-server – master level proficiency
  • Intermediate level expertise in handling encryption/decryption
  • Expert at handling standard web interface languages like MVC, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and Java scripts
  • Knowledge of existing graphical libraries and ability develop some if required
  • Ability of work with CVS systems
  • Basic understanding of analytics and data representation

    • Flair of good UI and graphical interface design
    • Understanding of managing interactive graphs overlaid on HTML pages

Other Requirements

  • Ability to work independently
  • Demonstrated capability of habitually documenting code snippets with detailed commentary
  • Moderate expertise in writing test plans for code testing
  • Coordinate remotely, if required, for testing
  • Good communication skills

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