Doorastha Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Government of India recognized Startup/ Incubated at Government of India Incubation Center, The Electropreneur Park, New Delhi.

If you own, operate or develop Solar Power based Micro/Mini Grids and you want to be able to:

  • Remotely monitor the state of your Grids 24x7 over the web
  • Timely identify points of failure, take preventive measures & minimize losses
  • Increase the efficiency and output of your Grid ‘s power supply for higher consumer satisfaction &
  • Discover ways for better revenue collections & make operations financially sustainable

At Doorastha, we believe technology solutions are more needed for remote areas, and the deprived (BOP) segment. Our solution helps enhance livelihoods, provide employment through access to clean energy to rural enterprises. The end consumers benefit through increased revenue, or a cut-down of losses.

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Welcome to Doorastha

Working to optimize the efficiency of Solar Micro & Mini Grids


Solar Power Grid

Monitoring Systems

It’s almost impossible to get a true picture of what’s going on in most Micro & Mini Grids powered by Renewable Energy, installed in the remote sites and locations. How they are performing, are the capacities properly utilized, or under utilized.

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