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Government of India recognized Startup/ Incubated at Government of India Incubation Center, The Electropreneur Park, New Delhi.

Optimizing Efficiency and Revenue Generation for your PV Micro/Mini Grids

If you own, operate or develop Solar Power based Micro/Mini Grids and you want to be able to:

  • Remotely monitor the state of your Grids 24x7 over the web
  • Timely identify points of failure, take preventive measures & minimize losses
  • Increase the efficiency and output of your Grid ‘s power supply for higher consumer satisfaction &
  • Discover ways for better revenue collections & make operations financially sustainable

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Welcome to Doorastha

Working to optimize the efficiency of Solar Micro & Mini Grids


Solar Power Grid

Monitoring Systems

It’s almost impossible to get a true picture of what’s going on in most Micro & Mini Grids powered by Renewable Energy, installed in the remote sites and locations. How they are performing, are the capacities properly utilized, or under utilized.

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